I had been suffering from severe digestive disorders for over 20 years until I booked my appointment with Anoushka. I went through many medical check ups, but none of the doctors could decide on a definitive diagnosis. I was prescribed lots of medication, including proton pump inhibitors, which only aggravated my symptoms. 

When I first met Anoushka, I suffered from terrible food indigestion where I would experience terrible pain after eating and would have to make myself sick several times a week. I developed a fear of food and eating out was torture.

Fast forward 7 months and I have a much happier digestive system. I have a lot more energy, which is stable during the day. I’ve got beautiful glowing skin. My hair stopped falling out and I’ve got a full head of new hair. I had a stiff and painful shoulder joint, which improved dramatically due to the dietary changes and supplements Anoushka prescribed. I never realised that improving my digestion would help to sort out a whole array of other health issues. It was an unexpected but wonderful bonus.

Anoushka has a very gentle and holistic approach. Her protocols are very personalised and easy to follow. She helped me to love myself. Her constant reassurance that there is no such thing as failure only feedback became my mantra. I have learned to love the food I eat and more importantly enjoy it. Life with three kids can be overwhelming and I learned to have time to myself, even half an hour every day makes a huge difference.

Turning to Anoushka for help was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I cannot recommend her enough. Anoushka offers Skype/ Zoom consultations, which was a crucial point in my case as I live on the other side of the world.  I experienced great transformative, healing results. I love and enjoy every moment of my life!


Anoushka was recommended to me when I began to have severe urinary symptoms. I was subsequently diagnosed with chronic UTI, which is still a very misunderstood condition by general medical practitioners and is let down by poor testing methods. The treatment involves long term antibiotics to eradicate infection within the bladder and Anoushka has been able to support me through this, working on boosting my gut and vaginal health to minimise the side effects of treatment.

She always listens and adapts to changing needs, is kind, perceptive and so knowledgeable. The microbiome testing she can offer provides such an important insight into the root causes of problems and I have learned so much during our time working together. I am also going through peri menopause and Anoushka has helped me understand how diet and lifestyle can impact on our wellbeing, which has been invaluable. She has made a real difference to my life!


I made an appointment to see Anoushka 3 months ago after 40 years of struggling with my weight. I have been overweight my whole life and my weight was stuck at a certain number and no form of exercise or eating plan seemed to change it and to help me to get to a healthy weight.

Anoushka has encouraged me to look at myself in a different way. She has taught me how to be kind to myself and to my body, to relax and to begin to love myself.

I have miraculously lost weight and am not stuck any more! But I am realising now that it was not really just about weight. I have taken steps, with Anoushka’s help to change my life. I have implemented new ways to relax, I sleep better, I cook more fresh food, am mindful of the products that I use on my body and to clean my home.

The biggest change has been to my mood, I am happier and more hopeful than I have ever been and when life does get challenging, I am learning new healthy strategies to cope.

I receive regular compliments about how ‘well’ I look and about my glowing skin. I am so grateful that I booked my first appointment with Anoushka, I had no idea how much my life would change for the better and I am looking forward to seeing where the next few months take me.


After dealing with consistent gut issues (which have triggered further problems) for years and being tired of not knowing exactly what is going on (even after numerous medical check-ups), I decided to book an appointment with Anoushka.

Since the first session she gave me the feeling that I can overcome all these issues and that I can trust her with it. We did some tests to see exactly what the problems were and then I followed her advice on the herb-based treatment, adjusted diet and supplements.

She sent me updated plans after each session, in which she would mention everything that would help support my treatment, in order to achieve my health goals. She would even recommend recipes that included the foods that are beneficial for me. I cannot express how much that helped and I am sure it will get even better, since this is just the beginning of my healing.

With every session Anoushka not only helps with my physical health, but she offers amazing psychological support too, which is immensely important to me and I truly value that.


I had been suffering from digestive issues since I can remember and had seen many different doctors about it, who had not been able to help. After having my first baby I was having more health issues. I am so glad to have been recommended Anoushka (all of our appointments were via Zoom which was so helpful as I was not able to travel to London with a young baby). She looked at my health as a whole, both physical and mental, and came up with a plan for me which included diet and lifestyle changes and also supplements.


It has been so interesting to learn about everything and Anoushka has given me suggestions for what to eat instead of some foods plus also many different recipes to try. She has been there to help encourage me at times when the diet changes felt difficult for me. I now also have brilliant new tips, information and advice for improving my lifestyle that I will be sure to adopt as new habits in the long term.

As a result, within a few months, pretty much all of my health issues (digestive and non digestive) have gone. It has been remarkable and has completely changed my life for the better!

Anoushka is so knowledgeable, thorough and detailed in her work. She is also friendly and kind and it has been a pleasure working with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Anoushka!


Working with Anoushka has changed my life.
I was feeling desperate when I had my first appointment with her. I had been suffering from SIBO, PTSD after having a baby, suffered from anxiety and found it hard to leave the house. I was 1 1/2 stone under my pre-pregnancy weight. I had been to see many doctors and none of them could help me.
When I spoke to Anoushka I cannot describe the relief I felt. I was finally being taken seriously and felt like she genuinely cared for my wellbeing and wanted to help get me better. 
She is a great teacher and has a huge amount of knowledge. She gives clear explanations for her recommendations. She has empowered me to take control of my life and has helped me understand my body and my intolerances and  helped me combat SIBO and resolve my stress and anxiety. Anoushka is truly one of the most understanding and patient people I have ever met. I owe her a lot and will recommend her to anyone who will listen!

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Anoushka.  She has helped me tremendously with my hormone imbalance, gut/digestion issues and sleep. She does it all!

The thing I love most about Anoushka is that she takes time to HEAR you. She truly listened to all of my concerns, and developed a very personalised plan. She recommended supplements, lifestyle changes, and recipes that have become staples in my life. I no longer live in London, and we have still continued to work together (thank goodness for virtual calls!). Thank you Anoushka for helping me restore my health; I am forever grateful.


When I first came to Anoushka I had recently quit my job due to being too sick to work, I had spent a very long time going to doctors and various other appointments with no answers as to why I was so ill.

During my first appointment with Anoushka she asked very detailed questions which allowed her to identify what she thought was the cause of my poor health (mould toxicity). She recommended a mycotoxins test and the results indeed confirmed I was suffering with mould toxicity.

After finding this out she made me my own personalised plan with diet changes and supplements etc and within a couple of months I started to feel better, since then my health has been improving constantly.

I would highly recommend Anoushka to anyone, if I didn’t seek her help I dread to think where I’d be today.


I wanted to write this review because I can’t thank Anoushka enough for helping me with my long standing digestive and gut issues. I have been suffering for a few years and I didn’t think I could get better despite the fact that I did extensive research and tried a number of different treatments. However, I believed natural treatment was the way to go so I contacted Anoushka. She gave me a comprehensive tailored plan and within a month I started feeling better. She really is very professional and knowledgeable, I wish I met her years ago. I always looked forward to seeing her.

If any of you are suffering with gut or digestive issues, I recommend you see her. She is fab. I can’t recommend her enough. I am so grateful for all of the things I have learned from her. I am finally on the road to recovery.

Thank you Anoushka. Your are a great practitioner and keep up the amazing job you’re doing. Your support and expertise enables people to get their life back.


I was recently told I have gestational diabetes. As someone who has never taken an interest in diets I felt out of my depth and it was essential to make a drastic change overnight. My consultation with Anoushka was so informative, followed by her customised nutritional outline and guidance. Not only did she provide meal ideas, but also exercise suggestions and info, supplements and more of an overall lifestyle during my pregnancy. It felt like a very personal and above and beyond service.
I live abroad also so she made the time to Skype call and was very responsive to my emails.
Having gone back for recent testing, my sugar levels are controlled by my dietary changes alone and it really is thanks to her support and guidance!


Anoushka is absolutely delightful to deal with. She is easy going, personable and really listens (which is a quality that is surprisingly rare in the medical field). I have dealt with a lot of doctors and naturopaths over the past decade and I have never come across someone so detail oriented and thorough. My health issues have been quite difficult to pinpoint and remedy but her diligence, knowledge and insight have all come together to help create the perfect healing plan for me. I would and will recommend her to anyone seeking natural healing as I know they will be in the best hands.



I have been working with Anoushka for over two years. Without a doubt, she has changed my gut health, my relationship to food and helped me manage many of my allergies and intolerances, illnesses and stomach upsets. Deciding to take the plunge and seeing Anoushka was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I’ll never look back. I am so much more knowledgeable about food and it’s impact on the body and health.


I have seen Anoushka for various health/gut issues I have had over the years and wanted to get to the bottom of them, I was fed up of recurring problems.

I got incredible results; she is now, therefore, my good health ‘go to’.

She is very knowledgeable and supportive and has helped me understand why my problems have occurred, teaching me to make correct decisions for my ongoing wellbeing.

I find Anoushka’s approachable, friendly and professional manner very easy to work with and since I have found answers I feel positive and well.

I highly recommend working with Anoushka.


After many years of struggling with poor digestion, low energy, hormonal issues and low immunity, I contacted Anoushka to finally address these matters instead of continuing to struggle and self diagnose intolerances.

Anoushka is knowledgable, helpful and has a great energy. She worked with me to understand my lifestyle, health issues and personal preferences to create a plan that was tailored to my needs and more importantly achievable.

By following the plans and advice I noticed huge improvements in all of the areas I wanted to address. I now have some real techniques and better knowledge to help me to look after my health.



Anoushka is professional, thorough and offers prompt and detailed replies and support to her clients. I’ve been working with her to help resolve my 9 month old’s severe food intolerances and poor gut health. 1 month in, we are already seeing a huge difference and with the recommendations and support I hope it continue to improve! Highly recommend the testing offered and the analysis Anoushka provides too.



I was recommended to visit Anoushka by a friend of mine who had total belief and trust in Anoushka. He was certainly right.

I fell extremely unwell which I then found was due to having parasites and a nasty case of campylobacter. On seeing Anoushka for the first time she was extremely reassuring and understanding but with an amazingly realistic take on the whole situation of recovery and repair. After following Anoushka’s plan and advice for my body to repair, I found myself fighting fit again along with my digestive system and gut back to normal, and in a much better condition than before. Although I was seeking recovery I also obtained a profound new understanding and knowledge of the power of natural healing within nutrition. I can highly recommend Anoushka.



Anoushka is extremely knowledgeable on a whole range of subjects and immediately made me feel at ease while carefully and professionally unravelling  my current health issues. What followed was a targeted nutritional and lifestyle plan, as well as advising changes to my over complex supplement regime that enabled me to re-focus my lifestyle benefitting my health in the following way:


  • I had major surgery recently and the consultant was astonished at the speed of my recovery
  • Gut bloating and discomfort has cleared up
  • I am more relaxed and positive in my daily life
  • I am sleeping much better
  • My meals now are more nutritious, simpler, with greater variety and i’m more aware of what doesn’t work for me
  • I seem to have missed the usual round of colds and flu which everyone around me has recently suffered
  • I have lost weight without conscious effort and issues around constipation have completely cleared


Anoushka’s encouragement, support and advice  is truly life- changing. Highly recommended.


Anoushka was an enormous help with tackling areas of my diet I wanted to improve. She provides a non-judgemental, constructive insight into any dietary issues, getting to the source of them and giving practical advice on how to make positive changes to diet and lifestyle. I have really enjoyed implementing her suggestions and have definitely become more mindful of my food choices as a result. I would wholeheartedly recommend Anoushka to anyone looking for some direction in improving their health and wellbeing.


Since meeting Anoushka, my whole concept of food and healthy living has changed for the better. I came to her feeling very unwell with a lot of digestive discomfort, and after she’d recommended some dietary changes, I felt so much better. I never realised how big an impact food can have on our system. Anoushka has been so supportive and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience of learning how to eat right for my body. Thank you Anoushka!!


I have loved working with Anoushka to sort out my low blood sugar and low blood pressure problems which cause me to faint easily and have been bugging me for life. Anoushka quickly got to the bottom of my issues and came up with really practical and achievable solutions to turn things around. She worked with me to make things more comfortable without feeling like too big a change.  She is now supporting me through a healthy and happy pregnancy, and I feel fantastic!


I came to Anoushka as I was suffering from severe gut issues and terrible acid reflux, and the discomfort was keeping me up at night. Anoushka recommended a succinct food and supplement diet, alongside some truly valuable lifestyle advice. Within a month the pain and gut issues had resolved and I was able to get a full night’s sleep! She has also really helped me get a handle on my anxiety and stress, and i’m feeling much calmer and more stable since being on her protocol. Her advice has been truly enlightening and I will continue with her recommendations, which have made me feel so much better as a whole.  I cannot recommend Anoushka highly enough.


I worked with Anoushka when I was training for the London Triathlon. The changes I made to my diet as a result helped me do better in the race than I ever expected. Those changes were not temporary. I live grateful for the legacy of Anoushka’s advice. Cutting down on dairy, wheat and sugar has improved my health and wellbeing immensely; sweet potato is a wonderful addition to meals that I cannot believe I existed without; nutritious, energy-packed smoothies make every morning a pleasure. Inspired by Anoushka’s passion and knowledge I now take time to explore and consider my food choices. Anoushka’s support enabled me to reach my potential and to discover the truth in the cliché – “you are what you eat”.


Anoushka helped me with some ongoing digestive problems that had been nagging me for a long time. Her manner is very professional, friendly and understanding and she gave me some fantastic advice that has been transformative for my health. I am happy to say I am now free of my digestive issues and no longer feel nervous around food. Really recommend paying her a visit.


I worked with Anoushka to improve my gut issues. After an initial consultation she set me on the path with a clear and concise plan, which included lifestyle changes and dietary changes – explaining the foods I needed to eliminate and recipe suggestions to help me include other food types.  We then had regular check ins which really helped me stay the course and keep me focused even when it was hard. After 3 months my gut had repaired and my digestion issues resolved, the change has been profound. I couldn’t have done this without Anoushka, she made me realise that I could change the way my body was functioning, for the better.


I found Anoushka to be intuitive and calm. She has a spirituality that underlines all her work. She has good boundaries and maintains professionalism and respect at all times. Her supplement recommendations are of the best quality and dietary suggestions are rounded, flexible and maintainable.

 I would recommend her to my friends and family without hesitation. She shows great understanding of what true balanced nutrition is. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


You will be very fortunate if you work with Anoushka Davy.

I was at my wits end and decided to go and see her as I was having very bad gut problems and nothing or no one could help.

I am delighted at the results i have achieved with working with her. I can’t believe how much better I now feel.

She really does know what she is doing and I’m so very grateful for all her care and support she has given me on my road to recovery.

I cannot express enough how amazing she is. I never thought I would get better again and she has actually got me there!


After years of a specific digestive issue that disrupted my active life, I decided to seek Anoushka’s help. Wow, what a gift! I thought I knew something about nutrition which is why I continued to seek to treat myself…..but after a full diagnosis, Anoushka took me down the path of healing with insights, knowledge, compassion and encouragement. She was always available via email with answers to my questions and any concerns I had. If I was not happy with a suggested supplement, she would accommodate me with alternatives that worked. After 5 months I was free of symptoms and not only have my health back on track but a plethora of knowledge going forward. Thank you Anoushka, your passion shines through with the excellent service you deliver!


Anoushka was recommended by a friend when I was suffering from gastric reflux. I had already tried traditional treatment without success.

Anoushka looked at the ‘big picture’ organising appropriate test and regimes tailored to my issues. She was incredibly supportive along the way and kept me going through difficult days.

Now I feel the best I have in years! I am enjoying food, have energy and regained the weight I had lost. I have learnt a huge amount during the process and changed my eating habits.

Thank you Anoushka!


I feel very grateful to have been recommended Anoushka. I saw her in preparation for IVF but also for anxiety and depression and working on gut health and allergies. I had seen other practitioners previously but she was the first who detailed a plan specific to me, that was achievable and gave me recommendations of specific meals and good alternatives for foods I could no longer eat. She’s extremely knowledgable, thorough, detailed, consistent but also kind and lovely to work with. I recommend her highly. I would not have known what supplements to take, tailored specific to my needs. She helped enormously.


Anoushka is the most supportive nutritionist I have ever come across. We have been working together for 5 months on my gut issues, and I have made incredible progress. She is very knowledgeable, kind and patient. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with gut issues!!! She is gold!



I’ve been working with Anoushka the last few months and it’s been nothing short of a great experience. I not only feel loads better already (it’s a process) but I’m learning to listen to my own body. The link between nutrition and wellbeing is so crucial, it’s not one to be ignored. Anoushka is the perfect person to guide you every step of the way.